Three Day Notices

The Three Day Notice is the first step in the eviction process. FPME serves this in one of two ways.

1.  In person, a representative of FPME will give the document to the tenant.

2. By placing the document on the door to the leased premises.

Either of these starts the clock to giving fair warning of a future eviction. The notice tells the tenant to either pay the rent within three days or vacate the premises within three days. The three day notice will demand the amount of rent due as of the time the notice is delivered. The tenant then has three options to choose from.

1. Call the FPME office at (352) 241-7000 informing them that the rent as demanded on the notice will be paid within three days.

2. Call the FPME office at (352) 241-7000 informing them that you will move out of the premises within three days.

3. Do nothing and wait for the eviction process to begin.

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